Wavicle website design and photography in the South of England.

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Wavicle has been trading since January 1999, and the ideals that have kept the business running through both good times and bad are those that apply to almost any successful business. Professional expertise, attention to detail, personal service and an understanding of the market make Wavicle an ideal choice for small-medium size businesses wanting to establish a web presence.

This site is intended to explain the services offered, and to encourage you to get a clearer picture of what can be achieved with your on-line service.

Wavicle offers a full range of services, from domain name registration to arranging hosting and search engine optimisation and registration, so whatever your needs

The help pages for people building their own sites has been removed to a seperate site, http://www.mrchops.co.uk/chops/, which, as time permits, will be built up to give hints, tips and advice to other developers, of all abilities.

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